Beach cricket league coming

Silver Sands is welcoming a beach cricket league.  And renowned windsurfer Brian “deAction” Talma believes the blending of beach culture and cricket would bring a sense of inclusivity within the community.

“What is happening with the surfing world is the communities are not a part of it. I strongly believe this is the time now for cricket on the beach. Similar to other sports that we are putting money into, this also has the potential,” Talma said during a Press conference at the Action Shop last Friday.

“We are blending it with all that happens on the beach; so we are calling it Beach Culture Cricket. It’s a blend between the surf society and the cricket side.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Brian you play cricket?’ I said in Barbados, everybody plays cricket. Everybody is at the beach and we can introduce them to different sports on the beach,” he said.


The league will include an individual segment which starts on Sunday and a team competition which will begin in November with the windsurfing season and finish in November with the Waterman Festival.

Talma said they would be working with Olympic windsurfer Oneal Marshall and former champion surfer Mark Holder for the individual category which bowls off on Sunday

“I have my Beach Culture World Tour. It goes all around the world and we export it with art as we did in Los Roques.

For two years we went there and we got land. It will be personality-driven. I want to get the communities back into it.

“We used an individual competition as one section because our vision is to be inclusive, so if a visitor wants to take part he or she can. We want to get the activities started so when we get into the major tourist season, we are ready to go. The more money we put to it, the more guys would take part.”

Residents interested

Talma explained that the people of Inch Marlow had asked him to collaborate with them and as a result, they would be utilising a number of people from Sandy Beach as well as lifeguards.

“I spoke to a lot of them and they are all interested. We want it to represent the community,” Talma said.

After beginning at Silver Sands, the league will continue at Sandy Beach, Miami Beach and Carlisle Bay overa four-week period.

There will be two awards in the individual segment for Most Wickets and Most Runs.

Talma’s co-organiser Roger Miller indicated that they were still finalising the team format.

“We are also working on a team format and groups like Inch Marlow will be a part. The same tip-me-one would apply but we will still have one with the team consisting of eight people and those people would bat and the other would field,” he said. (RG)

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