Last Waterman Standing


The last man standing event is one of the most grueling SUP events in the world. Geared at challenging the paddler’s ability, competitors are forced to paddle against the wind, maneuver through choppy swells and even navigate through waves in the dark of night. Starting at deAction Beach Shop at 6:00 am, SUPers head up the South Coast towards the East coast of the island. Competitors are required to paddle through the extremely choppy section from Bottom Bay to Ragged Point, know as “Last At Sea”. Once past, “Ragged Point”, they must connect the dots to the Northern part of the island, entering “The Hell Gates” on the North Coast where there are cliffs, cranking waves and no sand beach to come in. Once around “Hell Gates”, you enter “Garden of Eden”. The waves calm down in this section and the lush side of the island exposes itself.

The event takes place October 7th-20th 2013 and includes a SUP wave event and 2-mile paddle event – It is one not to be missed!