Surfing lessons are conducted in the inner small waves by deAction Surf Shop, or at another location great for surfing beginners calls Freights (5 minutes drive from deAction Surf Shop). Beginner lessons start off with 10 minute beach instructional talk on the fundamental of ‘standing up’.

The next 50 minutes are in the water, riding the waves. The first hour long lesson focuses on getting up and experiencing surfing. We also offer a two hour “Riding” package, that teaches you how to select a wave, catch the wave and ride waves by yourself. Our six hour “Surfer” package not only teaches you how to select and catch a wave, it also introduced more advanced surfing moves such as how to turn on a wave.

deAction Shop rents surf boards and has a range of Naish boards from 6’0” to 9’4”; Jimmy Lewis boards: short boards 5’9”, mini tankers 8’ and long boards 8’6”, 9’4”, 10’0” nose riders and also 10’0” soft top for beginners.

deAction Surf Shop surf lessons guarantee that within a hour, you will be standing up or your money back!