Talma’s vision bearing fruit

Los Roques in Venezuela has caught the vision of the Beach Culture World Tour.

And not only have the authorities caught it, but they are also running with it, having dedicated some land for the facilitation of the project just two years after of it came to their shores.

This was communicated by veteran surfer Brian Talma during an interview with Sunsport recently.

“The officials signed the papers and gave two plots of land for Venezuelan surfer Diony Guadagino, who is also the Beach Culture World Tour champion, to operate business for him as a professional athlete and also incorporate the kids into activities on the beach.

“That is what the Beach Culture Tour is all about. I [went] there to legitimise it and I endorsed Diony as a credible, honest personality that will help the community,” explained Talma.

He said the event was a success, with about 30 children coming out, and he was able to highlight Barbados through his 2018 vision of utilising symbolism art.

“The art was a huge success. It is symbolism art where you use symbols to represent your culture, ancestry and heritage. The children were so involved.

“For example, I used the flying fish and explained that it represents that some days you’re happy and other days you’re not but when you’re flying, you’re flying, like a flying fish,” said Talma.

“I also used the dolphin and the turtle, which is also very sentimental within Barbadian culture. We went into the schools and I showcased what it was and it was very positive and uplifting.”

The water sports ambassador said that when he looked around at other places he has marketed Barbados Beach Culture and the island he calls home, he was concerned because some people hadn’t quite understood what he was trying to achieve.

“I look around in Barbados and I am concerned because my vision is to be able to do that in Barbados. The communities are left out. It is dominated by two sectors and they are coming in for a profit and not to retain the culture. It’s about getting the community involved, it’s about uplifting locals to be the strong entity,” he said. (RG)

Via [www.nationnews.com]

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