TDC on board for 2017 Beach Culture World Tour

The Beach Culture World Tour along with the movement of Organic Tourism has been making waves for the past few years, and once again the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) is on board to help make this year’s edition a success.

Chairman of TDC Martin Ince spoke with the media regarding the organisation’s contribution this year. He stated that TDC is involved in making sure not only the participants are able to make it to the festival, but also the international media.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the TDC has been a part of most of the sporting disciplines played on the island, and has been aiding Brian Talma in achieving his dreams for 27 years.

Ince lauded the effort of Talma and his team for helping to place Barbados on the map.

“Brian and his whole team who are here today have done a phenomenal job with putting this little island on the map, and we at the Tourism Development Corporation are proud to be associated for such a long time.”

Talma brought his usual energy to the press conference. He thanked the TDC for their continued support and gave a rundown of the events. Starting on Sunday May 21, the first beach cricket matches hosted by two- time Olympian Oneal Marshall will commence at Sandy Beach (Worthing), where teams will compete in a ‘Tip-me-one’ format with the players with the highest individual performances being honoured. Coming for this year’s Beach Culture World Tour will be seven-time World Freestyle Champion (Windsurfing) Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo and the current 2017 World Champion Men’s Freestyle Champion. Also the present World Champion of Kite Surfing Airton Cozzolino will be hitting the local waves with World #3 Bernd Roediger.

The concept of Organic Tourism is to enable to the communities and help them take control of their environment, creating a safe and prosperous location where tourists can not only sample but dive into local culture. Two of the young men who have been spending time learning the kite surfing trade graduated from the course and are now competent kite surfers and also instructors. The vision is to birth the idea and concept into the communities in order to inspire the youth and give them a chance to grow and become upstanding citizens contributing to the island and its legacy.

This year the Beach Culture World Tour will feature a new event – a carnival through the Silver Sands community – where persons can register from May 31 to take part. Shirts which portray the beach culture must be purchased in order to participate in the carnival on June 3.

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