Brian Talma

Brian Talma aka “deAction Man”

Brian is one of the most flamboyant and charismatic characters in windsurfing and SUPing with his colorful personality. deAction Man can rip it up in almost any water sport, he is known as the guy who never stops smiling,. He claims 14 Beach Culture World Titles, but having lost to Josh Stone, the “Aloha Man” AKA “free Pizza”  last year, he wants it back…… where it belongs, with him!!!

Tatiana Howard

Tatiana Howard

From the Butterfly Effect Hawaii, she is the organiser of one of the biggest SUP events in Maui. The Butterfly Effect is an international organization which encourages women to participate in water activities through SUPing.

Harley Stone

Harley Stone

Harley is dominating in the amateur windsurfing world and is now a strong competitor in the pro division. He placed second in the BWCT in Oahu. He is determine to take out deAction Man and clinch a BCWT World Title.

Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard  aka “The Big K”

Kevin Pritchard is one of the most highly decorated windsurfers in the world with eight world titles. As a heavy weight, he brings enormous experience to the event. Although he’s highly competitive and has achieved so much in the sport he is extremely laid back and remains approachable and real, he’s funny as shite but the Big K is hungry for this title!

Josh Stone

Josh Stone

PWA Freestyle World Champion in 1999 and 2000 and also the inventor of The Spock. His explosive style makes him a stand-out in the water.  Josh embodies the spirit of Aloha and he lives up to his reputation of being one of the friendliest people in the windsurfing circle.


Diony  aka “The Vibe”

One of the golden boys of the early “freestyle” movement, winning the prestigious, “King of the Lake”, he has developed into one of the most radical personalities coming out of South America to compete on the windsurfing World stage. He brings a natural vibe to the Beach Culture World Tour as a challenger and has the ability to energise the crowd….He wants one of the Big K’s titles and the Beach Culture World Title, bringing his beauty queen girlfriend as a distraction to his competitors was a smart move!

Zane Schweitzer

Zane Schweitzer aka “InZane”

Zane Schweitzer is 21 years old & Maui born. He has been surfing since he could walk and is a lifelong waterman who travels the world competing, filming and hosting kids clinics 12 months a year. Zane is a World Title Champion SUP Star, accomplished big waves surfer, windsurfer, Guiness World Record Holder, and co-founder of the Standup for the Cure.